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The Hardcore model, the brand’s flagship can, is much more than a multipurpose spray paint. The opacity and brightness of the colors that make up the color chart offer a versatility that is off the charts.

Nozzle included: Hardcore cap
Colour Chart > here

Download- Technical specs. Security specs. Watch video


· 400ml.
· Gloss finish
· High pressure
· 109 colors

Malva [M2] €4.25

Malva [M2]

Chrome [M2] €4.25

Chrome [M2]

Mustard [M2] €4.25

Mustard [M2]

Mango [M2] €4.25

Mango [M2]

Pumpkin [M2] €4.25

Pumpkin [M2]

Cherry [M2] €4.25

Cherry [M2]

Cyan [M2] €4.25

Cyan [M2]

Peach [M2] €4.25

Peach [M2]

Black [M2] €4.25

Black [M2]

Orange [M2] €4.25

Orange [M2]

Violet [M2] €4.25

Violet [M2]

Copper [M2] €4.25

Copper [M2]

Magenta [M2] €4.25

Magenta [M2]